FNS E-Social – Fri, June 11

What are some of your hobby's? Let's explore different options during "Hobby Night". As always, there will be games, activities, music and a lot of laughter! Register for this ZOOM meeting by clicking HERE.

FNS E-Social – Fri, June 18

It's that time of year again ..... When the fishing poles come out at rivers, lakes and streams as people head to their cottages. So tonight we are "Gone Fishing". Prepare for activities, games, music and lots of laughter. Register Read More ...

Fun Friday

Dress like a Tacky Tourist

FNS E-Social – Fri, June 25

This is the last FNS of this school year. We have planned the last event around some "Summer Fun"! Join for lots of laughter, games, activities and summer music. Register for this final ZOOM meeting by clicking HERE.