Life Skills Program - Life Skills for Adults with Disabilities

The Part-time Life Skills program is designed for students wanting to focus on Independent Living Skills, while continuing to improve their Language, Communication and Social Skills. The ILS program focuses on skills in the domains of learning below.

This program, focusing on life skills activities for adults with disabilities, runs three days a week, 9 – 5, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from September to the end of June. The part-time Life Skills program is suitable for students not wishing to participate in our Work Experience program. Ongoing Skills Assessments by Coaches track and guide progress through the program.

The Life Skills program focuses on:

Independent Living Skills:
the skills needed to manage, or at least contribute, to the running of a household; including organization, home management, food and nutrition, shopping, cooking, and budgeting.  The unique Real Economy program provides invaluable life skills, teaching students about personal financial management with  the use of real cash, stored on debit cards, ‘earned’ through work placements. Note: The Real Economy program fee is directly deposited to students’ debit cards by their family and charged weekly from the card by Brighton Launch. It is used to pay for lunch, community outings, and snacks. Transportation is paid by using the student’s personal Presto card supplied by the family

Social Skills and Self-Regulation:
looks at developing and improving social skills for adults with disabilities, with a focus on skill-building in the areas of etiquette, self-management, self-advocacy, social skills, and relationship building.

Foundational Skills (Language, Literacy, and Numeracy):
works on functional language, conversation, reading, writing, digital literacy and functional numeracy.

Have questions? Or want to book a virtual meeting and tour? Contact our Program Manager, Raneta Krylov.