Work Experience Program - Workplace and Job Training for Special Needs Adults

The Part-time WE Program is designed for students who want to focus on work experience skills and career development, while continuing to improve their digital literacy, communication, and social skills.  The program assists with planning and understanding the opportunities in employment for adults with autism and other disabilities.

This program runs two days a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, from September to the end of June. It is suitable for students wishing to gain experience and develop skills in the workplace. Ongoing skills assessments by Coaches track and guide progress through the program.

The Work Experience Program includes classes and coaching in the following areas:

Workplace Skills and Careers:
focuses on job training for special needs adults, including: professionalism, workplace safety & WHMIS training, basic job skills, use of technology at work, problem solving, job specific social skills, career planning and resume preparation. Supported by Launch Coaches, external work placements focus on developing workplace skills through placements with a variety of employer-partners including Adonis, Extoggery, Don Valley Hotel, Value Village, Trivest Property Management and Bistro @ 40 …with new employers being added each term.

Supported internal work placements continue the development of workplace skills in the BLC Production center, where students participate in creating, packaging and selling bath products for the BLC online store. (check out our store here!)

Community Skills:
practice skills in the area of community safety, public transportation, citizenship, and use of public spaces.

Social Skills and Self-Regulation:
focus on etiquette, self-management, self-advocacy, social skills, and relationship building.

Foundational Skills (Language, Literacy, and Numeracy):
includes functional language and vocabulary development, conversation, reading, writing, digital literacy and functional numeracy.

Have questions? Or want to book a virtual meeting and tour? Contact Program Manager, Raneta Krylov.