What kinds of students attend Brighton Launch?

Brighton Launch is an inclusive environment. Most students have a diagnosis of some kind (Learning Disability, Down Syndrome, ASD, MID). Some of our students have come from a high school alternative (non-credit) program, and some have even earned their high school diploma. Some have been out of school for several years. Our students have various challenges, but to us, they are individuals who benefit from the unique, individualized programming available at Brighton Launch.

When does the program year start and end?

Launch starts the year the day after Labour Day and runs through till the end of June. There is a Winter Break for 2 weeks (end of Dec – Jan) and a one-week March Break.

What are the Launch hours?

Brighton Launch runs from 9:00 AM – 5:00 pm daily. The doors open for students at 8:50 am.

What precautions do you have in place during COVID?

We continue to monitor Toronto Public Health recommendations to keep students and staff safe.

Do you provide residential accommodations for students?

Families are responsible for students’ living arrangements. Many Launch students live with their families, or in a supported living arrangement. 

Are there any extra fees?

We have two fees in addition to Tuition. One is a technology fee which includes the use of an assigned Chromebook, and online program memberships. The second fee is for the ‘Real Economy’ program, which is essentially an allowance provided to the students by the parents to cover the cost of lunches, transportation fees, and community outings. Fee amounts are different based on full-time or part-time participation.

Do you supply lunch?

Yes! Students purchase lunches from their Real Economy money. The amount paid depends on whether the student is full or part time and whether the family has chosen the full meal plan or the basic meal plan.

Do you provide transportation?

Families arrange for their own transportation. Some drop off and pick up themselves. Others use the services of iRide; private transportation companies; or Wheel Trans. Some students take transit on their own.

Do you have part time options?

Yes. Brighton Launch has two part time options. Both are 3 days a week. The Independent Living (ILS) program is held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It focuses on building skills to prepare students for living on their own, or in a group setting. You will find more information by clicking here.

The Work Experience (WE) program is held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Students go out to assigned work placements with our Work Experience partners two days a week, and the focus is on building skills needed for successful employment. You will find more information by clicking here.