What is BLC?

Great question! BLC stands for Brighton Launch Creations and is our in-house social enterprise and internal work experience program that produces handmade bath products. These are entirely made by our talented students, and sold in the online store. (Take a look!)

Not only do Launch students make some beautiful bath bombs, bath salts, soaps and scrubs, but BLC was designed so that we could we teach students valuable work skills in the process.

Students work in the BLC room each week, and learn teamwork, following directions, decision making, self advocacy, quality control, packaging, fulfillment and sales.

We occasionally do “Pop Up Sales” to sell our products, and yes, teach sales and customer service skills.

You can purchase the products individually, or you can request we put together items to make a beautiful set, a perfect for gift giving.

BLC is perfect for wedding or shower favors – we’d be happy to customize for you.