Full Time Program

By enrolling in the Full-time program, students get the most out of what Brighton Launch has to offer. The daily structure, learning, and social contact helps build the confidence, abilities and life skills for adults with disabilities. And, it allows our Coaches the opportunity to work with students across all areas of the curriculum.

The Full-time program runs 9 – 5, five days a week, from September until the end of June and includes a dual focus on Independent Living Skills and Workplace Preparation. Launch Coaches conduct ongoing Skills Assessments to track progress through the program.

The Full-time program content includes:

Independent Living Skills:
includes skills in the area of organization, home management and maintenance (‘Home Ec’), food and nutrition, meal planning, cooking, shopping and budgeting. 

The unique Real Economy program teaches personal financial management through the use of real cash stored on debit cards, ‘earned’ through work placements. Note: The Real Economy program fee is directly deposited to students’ debit cards by parents and charged weekly from the card. It is used to pay for lunch, community outings and snacks. Transportation is via TTC using their personal Presto cards supplied by their family.

Workplace Skills and Careers:
focuses on professionalism, workplace safety, basic job skills, use of technology at work, problem solving, job-specific social skills, and career planning. Twice weekly supported external work placements focus on developing workplace skills through placements with a variety of employer-partners. Twice weekly supported internal work placements continue the development of workplace skills.  Students participate in creating, packaging and selling bath products made for our online ‘BLC’ (Brighton Launch Creations) store.

Community Skills:
builds skills in the areas of community safety, public transportation, citizenship, and use of public spaces. 

Private Matters:
focusses on personal care, fitness, health management, human development, dating and sexual health. 

Social Skills and Self-Regulation:
builds skills in the areas of etiquette, self-management, self-advocacy, social skills, and relationships. 

Foundational Skills (Language, Literacy, and Numeracy):
includes the areas of functional language and vocabulary, conversation, reading, writing, digital literacy and functional numeracy. 

Have questions? Or want to book a virtual meeting and tour? Contact our Program Manager, Raneta Krylov.