Launch Day Programs for Adults with Disabilities | An Overview

Brighton Launch is an exciting, innovative program designed for young adults with challenges who wish to continue learning and developing skills.

Whatever the personal path – employment/supported employment; independent or supported living; community participation; or further education, Launch prepares young adults with intellectual disabilities for ‘lives of success’. We help students learn new life and employment skills, gain confidence, develop self-advocacy, and reach their full potential while participating in a dynamic and diverse social community with peers.

The Launch program is based on our proprietary ‘Transition to Adulthood Skills Curriculum’ (TASC©), which provides a comprehensive and integrated approach to skill development in six key domains: Independent Living Skills, Workplace Skills & Career Development, Community Skills, Private Matters, Social Skills & Self Regulation, and Foundation Skills (Language, Literacy and Numeracy).

All students are assigned a Chromebook, and we actively teach digital literacy skills for use both in the classroom and at home.

Our developmental disabilities day program runs Monday to Friday, from September until the end of June, from 9:00 – 5:00 daily. We offer three different options to meet the needs of students and families:

Comprehensive Full Time Program is designed for students wanting to focus on developing both Independent Living Skills and Work Experience skills though work placements.

Part-time Independent Living Skills (ILS) Program is designed for students who wish to focus on Independent Living Skills, while continuing to improve their Language, Communication and Social Skills.

Part-time Work Experience (WE) Program is for students wanting to focus on Work Experience Skills and Career Development, while continuing to improve their Digital Literacy, Communication, and Social Skills.  

‘Key Goals’ documents are prepared for each student at the beginning of each year, in a collaborative meeting including parents, students and Group Leaders. Progress Conferences are held with parents and students (if they wish) in the spring. A Progress Report is sent home at the end of each year.

Students currently range in age from 18 to 35, although we do not have upper age limits. Students are assigned to small groups with other students of similar ability levels. We have several different groups at Launch, working at different levels, with fantastic Group Leaders and Coaches!

The very popular social group on Friday nights, called ‘Friday Night Social’ has been running for many years (check out the page on this site), and was created to provide a fun event and to improve social skills for adults with disabilities FNS provides facilitated social activities for adolescents and young adults both in our program and outside of Launch. FNS is now run virtually using ZOOM.

Please contact our program manager at (416) 932-8273, ext. 520 with questions, or to set up a virtual meeting and tour.