Brighton Launch is for young adults 18+ with challenges, who are preparing to move from school to post-school activities: employment or supported employment, further education, independent or supported living and community participation.  Whatever the destination, we help prepare young adults for “lives of success.” The program runs Monday – Friday, 9:00 – 5:00, September though June. There is a full-time, five day/week program option or a three day/week program option. Program length is unlimited – students may participate in the Launch program as long as they wish to continue their development.

To create ‘lives of success,’ we need to consider all of the factors that contribute to a well-rounded, fulfilling and complete adult life. The Brighton Launch program follows our proprietary TASC© (Transition to Adulthood Skills Curriculum) to provide a comprehensive, all-inclusive and integrated approach to skill acquisition in six key domains: Independent Living Skills; Workplace Skills/Job Training; Community Skills; Private Matters: Social Skills & Self-Regulation; and Foundation Skills (Language, Literacy & Numeracy).

Program Features

  • Twice weekly supported external work placements focus on developing workplace skills through placements with a variety of employer-partners including Adonis, Extoggery, Greenview Retirement Community, Trivest Property Management, and Bistro @ 40 …with new employers being added each term.
  • Twice weekly supported internal work placements continue the development of workplace skills.  Students participate in creating, packaging and selling bath products made for our online store. The products created through our Brighton Launch Creations (BLC) social enterprise program give our students experience with production, teamwork, project & time management skills, quality control, customer service, cashier and order fulfillment.  Check us out here!
  • A partnership arrangement with Employment Ontario, Labour Education Centre, which assists with both career planning and placement of students into paid positions as they are ready
  •  Training in WHMIS
  • A focus on skills for independent living, including nutrition and meal planning, cooking and food preparation skills, dining etiquette, shopping and purchasing, and home maintenance tasks to prepare students to manage or at least contribute to the running of a household
  • Our unique Real Economy program teaches personal financial management through the use of real cash, ‘earned’ through work placements. Note that the Real Economy program fee is charged to family supplied debit cards
  • Lunch is included in the program through our Real Economy
  • Home Ec units teaches and practices important skills such as sewing, laundry, first aid, etc.
  • Coaching is provided in the areas of personal care, hygiene, sexual health, relationships and dating
  • Both direct teaching and an integrated focus on continued development of social skills and self-management strategies
  • Skills assessments track progress through the program
  • Our bright facility features classrooms, kitchen, laundry room, BLC production studio, games room, fitness centre and, of course, a Student Hub!
  • Students are placed in groups that match their program needs

Need more specific info?

Call or email Brighton Launch’s Program Manager, Raneta Krylov, M.A.D.S., BCBA, at 416-932-8273, ext. 2, or email: