Discovering Local Adventures Together

At Brighton Launch, we believe that community outings are an essential part of personal growth and development. These excursions offer numerous benefits including enhanced social skills, increased independence, and broadened horizons. Allowing our students to engage with diverse groups and environments helps improve their communication and interpersonal skills. While navigating new settings fosters self-reliance and confidence. Exposure to different cultures, events, and activities expands knowledge and understanding.

To ensure Launch students experience these benefits, we carefully plan a variety of outings between September and June. We offer a unique mix of community events ranging from exciting games and nature hikes to art classes and outings that include shopping and dining at local restaurants. Our goal is to create inclusive experiences that cater to the diverse interests and abilities of our students, making every outing a chance to learn, grow, and enjoy.

Join us in exploring all that the vibrant Bright Launch community has to offer! Please contact the program manager, Raneta Krylov, for more information about the various programs offered at Launch! 

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