Autism Programs – Opportunities for Growth for Young Adults with Challenges

There are a variety of paths that young adults with autism and other challenges may want to take as they grow up. At Brighton Launch, we offer a variety of programs that have been developed to support young adults in achieving their goals. The intention of these programs is to ensure that students are able to achieve their full potential and be happy and healthy in whatever they choose to do.

Every person with autism is different, and hence the kind of support they need varies. Some will want to live and work independently, while others may prefer supported living and employment. This means that each program we offer is tailored for different needs and will teach different, though often related, skills. Areas that are covered include Independent Living Skills, Community Skills, Workplace Skills & Career Development, Social Skills & Self-Regulation, Private Matters, and Foundational Skills, (Language, Literacy and Numeracy).

Part-time Independent Living Skills (ILS) Program

As the name suggests, this autism programme is operated on a part-time basis, with sessions available three days a week.  The main focus is on enabling students to develop the skills needed to live and work independently. Topics include, budget management, shopping skills, cooking and cleaning and guidance on nutrition. It can also include work placements that allow participants to earn real cash.

Part-time Work Experience (WE) Program

Another course students can take three days a week is the part-time Work Experience Program which focuses on the skills students are likely to need in the workplace. This could include resume design and career planning as well as developing specialized social or technological skills for a specific job, and learning about workplace safety. It should enable students to more widely improve their problem-solving and communication skills, allowing them to become more professional. The course takes place through both internal and external work placements.

Comprehensive Full-Time Program

The Comprehensive Full-Time Program allows students to combine the skills learned as part of the Independent Living Skills and Work Experience program. This autism program provides a structured environment where students can interact with their peers and receive guidance from specialist coaches on everything they may need to know.

In addition to the topics covered in the WE program and the ILS course, here students cover living in a community, with public transport, public spaces and personal safety a focus.  Students will learn how to protect themselves, how to interact with others in a variety of settings, and how to ask for help. Each autism programme is designed to offer comprehensive support that spans every area where a young adult may need help. It also allows the student the opportunity to integrate these skills so they can become a better more rounded individual who is better able to cope with any challenge that they may meet in their adult world.

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