How Does the Brighton Launch Program Boost the Self-Esteem of Adults with Disabilities?

The Brighton Launch Program is a new and exciting program designed for young adults with disabilities to help them boost their confidence and learn new skills. As a packed day program activity for adults with disabilities, it helps young people with challenges to take their goals forward and succeed.

What is the program?

This Brighton Launch Program is an innovative program for any young adult with a learning disability who wants to continue developing skills or learning. As a tailored program, it allows individuals to follow their own personal path toward key goals, whether that’s community participation, independent or supported living, employment (including supported employment), or further education.

We help young people with intellectual disabilities to prepare for successful futures. Our expert tutors help students learn new skills for employment and life, develop their self-advocacy abilities, grow in confidence and achieve their full potential. They do this by taking part in a diverse and dynamic, supportive community with fellow peers, benefiting from social contact and a new network.

Why choose day program activities for adults with disabilities?

This day program’s activities for adults with disabilities has been built around our tried-and-tested curriculum for Transition to Adulthood Skills (TASC©). This delivers an integrated and fully comprehensive approach to skills development across six primary areas: workplace skills and career development; independent or supported living skills; community participation skills; social skills, including self-regulation, private matters and language; numeracy; and literacy.

As part of Covid and the transition to remote learning, we have been able to launch a successful remote learning program with real-time classes that students can access at home. We have a wide range of cutting-edge technological solutions that are designed to make our live learning sessions as engaging and participative as possible.

When our program operates

Our day program activities for adults with disabilities operate from Monday to Friday, 9 to 5pm daily. There are three options available for students depending on the desired outcome, with a focus on work and/or independent living. They are:

Comprehensive Full Time Program 

Part-time Independent Living Skills (ILS) Program

Part-time Work Experience (WE) Program

How progress is monitored

Every student receives their own “key goals” document at the start of the term in a meeting held with students, parents and group leaders. For those students and parents who wish to attend, we hold a parents’ evening conference in the spring. A report is sent home at the end of the year. Most of our students are aged 18 to 35, and there is no upper age limit. Students will be placed in ability groups at all levels and will enjoy interesting, social and supportive learning with a fantastic team of coaches and group leaders. We also have a very popular Friday night social group that provides opportunities to grow social skills, meet friends and have fun!

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