How Part-Time Work Experience Programs Help Adults with Disabilities in the Workplace

Adults with disabilities can face many obstacles when attempting to find employment and work experience. This means that far too many capable individuals are unable to enter the employment sector to offer their valuable skills, perspective, and contribute positively to their workplace. Not only is this detrimental to the individual, but business owners are also missing out on opportunities to enhance their workforce, increase inclusivity, and strive to achieve bigger and better results.

The Brighton Launch work experience program can change all that.

What are part-time work experience programs?

One thing is clear: for adults with disabilities jobs are not easy to come by in many cases. This is precisely why the Launch part-time work experience program has been designed to support adults with a variety of disabilities, including learning disabilities and autism. In addition to helping them build their workplace skills and self-confidence, work experience programs are also shaped to help adults with disabilities to continue enhancing their social and communication skills alongside building their digital literacy and supporting them with their career development plans.

Part-time work experience programs are suitable for students hoping to develop skills that will help them to thrive in the workplace via a guided course offering plenty of support. The most beneficial work experience programs include a combination of coaching and classes, which can be adapted to suit the unique needs of each individual.

For adults with disabilities, jobs and work experience can be life changing

Covering a variety of different areas, comprehensive work experience programs can provide positive outcomes for disabled adults. Some of the primary areas many of the most beneficial programs cover include:

– Workplace skills

Workplace training covers everything from health and safety, to problem solving, job-specific social skills, resume preparation, and the use of technology required to fulfill a role. These skills are introduced and taught by coaches as well as work placements with trusted employer partners.

– Social skills

There are a range of social skills that can help adults with disabilities to excel in the workplace. These include building and maintaining relationships, understanding workplace etiquette, and how to practice self-advocacy.

– Foundational skills

As well as introducing new concepts and ideas, the Brighton Launch comprehensive part-time work experience programs also pay close attention to enhancing foundational skills that will help disabled adults to thrive within a workplace environment. These include vocabulary, language and conversation development, functional numeracy, reading and writing.

Coaches will introduce achievable and measurable goals into the training program of each participant individually, ensuring that individual progress is always easy to see. This will keep motivation and engagement levels high, which will drive even more positive outcomes over the long term.

As well as external work placements with trusted partner organizations and businesses, Launch’s leading work experience programs also provide opportunities for individuals to take part in internal work placements that will really nurture key skills and encourage additional meaningful development.

For adults with disabilities, jobs and workplace experience can be both life-affirming and life-changing. From building self-confidence to gaining valuable skills that will translate to both professional and personal settings, this knowledge and experience is invaluable.